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Me God, You Jane  —  Married to a man who could not control his temper and a member of a church that brought no peace. One day in a moment of anger her husband killed her  mother. The Mormon Church couldn’t help her needs and she relates why.

Fly Away Home  – In 1924, Meredith Bailey, fueled by ambition and hard work,  buys an airplane in a crate, builds it and flies solo across the country. Despite her resolve to fly solo in her life, Johnny Westmoreland arrives on the tarmac, and having a co-pilot is looking better and better.

Escape On The Wind – 1934: Amanda Chase, a Boston society reporter had heard rumors that the rosy stories of Germany’s new leader may not be true. She wants to go there, find the truth and expose it to the world But if the suppressed rumors are true, her Jewish relatives may be in danger and Amanda could be swept into their struggle for survival.

Escape On The Wind – Reprinted in the collections “United We Stand,” and “Inspirational Romand Reader’s Historical Collection No. 4”

The Tender BranchA novella in the collection “Romance On The Rails.”  1874: America’s railraod now goes from coast to coast.For the first time in twelve years, Mary Sherwood is going to see her father–the man she believes abandoned her during the Civil War. Train travel promises speed, convenience and adventure, and Mary finds more adventure than she expected.

Cup Of Praise – A novella in the collection “Chalice of Israel.” In modern Jerusalem, Sarah’s old friend, Michael, is osracized from his family for his new-found beliefs – while her own relatives are ready to hire a matchmaker for her. The ancient chalice is stolen, and clues lead her and Michael through the streets of Jerusalem to retrieve it before it’s smuggled out of the country. Sarah finds more than the chalice; but can she accept her Messiah without losing her Jewish heritage?

Write Your Life Story  – A short, self-published book for presentation in a classroom setting.

Short Stories / Articles – Jane has published short stories and articles in various publications, take home papers, local newspapers, handouts for classes, etc.


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