If Wishes Were Horses

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”

My writer friend told me this when we were bemoaning the fact that although we can search a dozen times through our manuscripts, looking for flaws to revise, something ALWAYS slips through. We need someone else to spot those pesky little flaws that become invisible. I said I wished I could just do it myself. That’s when she quoted that old saying to me. Well–

What if wishes WERE horses? I told her that we’d be wishing for barns to hold them, which would result in more horses, and we’d be wishing for a pasture for them to run, then enough hay to eat, and as the herd grew, trainers and helpers. If wishes were indeed horses, all those wishes would expand alarmingly.

She said she’d never thought of that. So, why did I? It’s the fun way a writer’s mind runs when you get an idea, and begin to ask “what if?”

Now some may say this is a useless, silly exercise, but wait! It’s quite useful when working on a story, a poem, even nonfiction writing. Because letting your mind wander where it wills without censoring, belittling and shutting down, brings surprises, clarity, and insight in your unique perspective, and sometimes tears or laughter.

Dig deep, follow those threads of ideas that strike you, even if you think they’re bizarre or worthless. You will be surprised. They are actually quite valuable.

If wishes were books, I’d need a warehouse to store them.

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