Wanna Watch the Sky Falling?

When I turn on my computer, the home page has “news” teasers I can click on if I want to watch someone, usually a celebrity, break down. Why would that be appealing? What’s the draw to see someone make a big mistake, be humiliated in public, or go sobbing into meltdown? Sometimes it’s just an average person who screwed up.

For instance: “Jennifer’s (or Kate’s) fashion disaster!” Why would I want to see someone shamed, tripping, or in a revealing, horrid color, sleazy or unflattering dress? Charlie ranting? I could watch a wedding disaster, where the bride or groom slips and falls … you get the idea. There’s even a TV show, supposedly a comedy where you can see people hurting themselves in odd ways. Is this more interesting than seeing someone succeed?

What’s the draw? Some people love to watch disasters. Some go to auto races hoping to see a crashing pileup, some at the circus thrill when a trapeze artist falls, Some hope for a fiery crash at an air show. There is a legitimate watcher: an expert who rewinds a disaster scene over and over to find the cause and devise a remedy to prevent it from happening again.

But what about the person who clicks on one of those scenes? Does he want to laugh? To feel superior? If it’s someone you dislike would you be more likely to want to enjoy the suffering? Would you be relieved it wasn’t you? Would it reinforce your attitude against the person? A satisfying “Aha” moment? Is it good to laugh at your enemy? The Bible warns not to gloat over the troubles of your enemy.

What if the video humiliates someone you like and admire? Your child, someone in your family, even YOU? Someone caught you in a humiliating situation. Would you want everyone on the internet to witness it? Would you be outraged if it were your son or daughter? Would you be fascinated enough to watch over and over? I think not.

They say that celebrities are like public property: fair game for publishing anything whether they like it or not. (That’s why paparazzi shield themselves in trees, trashcans and cars, and even wear disguises.) Selling other people’s misery is lucrative. Why is this popular?

Is it simple curiosity? Like, How did that happen? Or what next? Are there many compelled to watch something astoundingly beautiful? Or someone in a happy moment? It doesn’t seem to have the same draw as a disaster.

Think about it before you sign on to watch someone in a hurtful situation. (I can recommend a site called dailykitten.com)

5 thoughts on “Wanna Watch the Sky Falling?

  1. Just got into this site, Jane. Great blog! I absolutely agree. That’s why I don’t go into those news items unless it is something I have a need to know! A cliche quote – Oh, how I love them! – “A little kindness goes a long way.” How true that is. When we are kind to someone, they feel better and learn to be kind to someone else. Therefore, kindness is a never ending gift.

    BTW – I have the kitty app and love it! 🙂

    Hugs, L

    • I’m glad you liked it, Linda. And that DailyKitten is so fun. Did you see the one the other day where the people adopted a retarded kitten? Poor little thing! They’re keeping him, and dealing with it.
      Hugs back to you!

  2. When I get onto my mail homepage, it makes me sad to see how cruel people are to those who are just like us, just with a title behind their name. I often wonder about their lives and how they were as children and if they ever imagined that they would be followed by the paparazzi or made fun of because they feel comfortable in something someone else may deem as dreadful. Who’s eyes are they trying to please? And the naming of “famous” people’s children….do they name them without thinking of when they are older and they have to give their name and then they are put down and bullied due to having a fruit for a name. That breaks my heart. I guess because I’m able to put myself in someone else’s life, that is what makes me the writer I yearn to be.

    • That’s right, Jen. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s life is what makes you the good writer that you are. I could hardly believe what I was offered the day this went onto the blog. I think it was both Justin Beiber AND Lady Gaga who vomited onstage. Yes! They had an option you could click on to see that! How gross! — I often wonder, too, if they’re happy. Seems like having a group of vultures follow you around and hanging onto you would be awful. And what about your “friends?” Who can they trust? Not a life I’d choose.

      • I remember when I had a credit card and when I would check out at the store, I’d have to give my signature. Sometimes they would say autograph and I LOVE that! I always would joke and say, “You might want to save that one! It could be famous one day!” Each one would have a different response, but it was always fun to say that! And to hear it as well! I think because of the life I’ve lived, and how I have viewed myself for so long, it would be nice to be known. Of course, with how I look right now, I don’t want to be known. And also because of my last name, I don’t want to be known.
        I wonder if people like Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga ever wish they hadn’t stepped out to be known. Somehow I think Lady Gaga needs the attention to keep going.
        It’s also sad to see those who have to do what everyone else is doing to fit in. Or those who just LOVE Justin and want to be like him and they can’t carry a tune in a bucket or pail. I don’t know. This is a topic I could analyze until I die I’m pretty sure. 🙂

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