The other day I was walking outside in the sunshine, wearing  one of my favorite shirts. I stopped, closed my eyes, and remembered the day I bought it. In Paris. Yes, France! I bought that shirt at a little shop across the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral. The shirt has a colorful sparkly facsimile of one of the round rose stained-glass windows.

I continued walking slowly, a smile on my face. I was in Paris! I actually was there! It was wonderful. Just thinking about the lovely city, with ME in it made me smile.

I thought of other things that make me smile. One time I was going through some DVDs at the library, and came across Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. That made me smile. So does Singin’ In The Rain. Makes me smile every time I think about it.

Sometimes I think of something outrageous or extraordinarily cute one of my children did, and that makes me smile. Sometimes the thought of a friend makes me smile. Thinking of the swell folks in my Monmouth class makes me smile. They are all so cute. Groucho Marx makes me smile. Remembering some of Carol Burnett’s routines make me smile. Driving my Corvette made me smile. It was a fun car to drive.

Many happy things in my life make me smile. Thinking of all the benefits of being a Christian makes me happy enough to smile too.

I must remember to think of these things when things seem to be going wrong. I could always put on that Paris shirt. That always works.

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