Chick with a Bic

Chick with a Bic is me before the passing of umm… let’s say, a few years; I am now a Hen with a Pen! I’m in the process of creating this website and looking forward to laying some good words for you. I hope to gather you under my verbal wings as the Lord gathers us under His wings of lovingkindness.

4 thoughts on “Chick with a Bic

  1. Love it gal, when i get a chance will explore further, but this little chick with a bic is cool…you have such a wonderful way with words…hope this will find its way to inspiring many as you inspire me today…thank you dear friend..happy peckings Sandrea Scott

    • Ladyjane – just write your blog – all those numbers, letters, rules, they do not belong to a chicken with a bic pen clutched tightly in her sharp claw while she tries to find a place to get away from those darn roosters and lay a larger egg than old Sadie who brags anything she does is so much better than anything your hen can do. ridiciulous! you are capable of anything you set your heart to do. Great blogs – chatty – interesting, fun. keep it up.

      • Wow! Gail, talk about chatty, interesting and fun. Your comment makes me smile. Yep – I ruffled Sadie’s feathers and she’s brooding in the henhouse.

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